Who do we provide treatment for?

Haven Counseling offers individual counseling to adults – women, college students, and men.

What specialities are we not able to treat?

Haven Counseling does not specialize in and does not provide treatment for the following at this time:  couples therapy/marital therapy, family therapy, substance abuse therapy, porn/video game/sex addiction therapy, Autism, sex offender treatment, or mandated/court ordered therapy.

What problems do we specialize in?

College Issues

Stress / Job Stress

Adjusting to marriage / having children

Starting a family/ infertility struggles

Parenting Strategies

Compassion Fatigue / Burnout

Caregiver Support


Panic Attacks

Social Anxiety


Grief  & Loss of a loved one (or a relationship)

Loss of a pet

Situational Depression


Low self esteem / self worth / self confidence

People pleaser

Discovering your strengths

Coping skills

Difficulty Making decisions


Type A Personality

How to become assertive

How to navigate toxic co-workers and bosses

College Transition/College Success Skills

Moving out of your parent’s home out on your own

Transitioning to Adulthood aka “Adulting”

Figuring out who you are and who you want to be as an adult

“Life stuff”


Break Ups/Broken Heart

Choosing a college, career path, or college major

Divorce Recovery

Recovery from dating/marrying a narcissist

Mid life crisis issues

How to win people over at work



Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution Skills



Toxic People


Emotional Intelligence

Compassion Fatigue/Job Burnout

Adult Child of Toxic Parents

Red Flags of dating

Coping Skills

Men’s Issues

Women’s Issues

Narcissist Abuse Survivors

First Responders (fire, medical, police)- on the job stress & compassion fatigue