Are you thinking, “I don’t have the energy to start over? “ or “How do I open up or talk about myself to a stranger all over again?”
It’s not easy. 
Even positive changes and a new chapter can be difficult.
Have you just made an appointment with a new therapist &  terrified of opening old wounds? Have you had years of therapy before and was lucky enough to find someone you loved only to have them stop taking your insurance? move? retire? 
Things may be different in your life now…. maybe there are new challenges & needs to be met. It’s not that you want to deny the past, but maybe your goals are different now? Maybe you don’t want to give a history and context. Maybe you don’t know have the emotional energy? Therapy is an active experience and it can be hard work. Especially if you are peeling back the layers of self protection enough to be honest and real with someone who won’t judge you. A therapist who will let yourself be vulnerable enough for the therapy to be useful and productive. But on the way out of seeing a new therapist at a new office, maybe you feel like you  need to pile all the masks back on…reseal the wounds… compartmentalize and contain and slap on your game face because life goes on and you have to put yourself back together again to function in the real world. Is there a point in doing the work in therapy if you can’t be honest with yourself, not to mention your new therapist. 
The answer is YES, you can change therapists or return to therapy and not start over –you can fast forward to the “now”.
You don’t have to talk about the past—you are in control. You can decide on your goals and what direction you want to accomplish. You can also see a therapist for one specialty or issue and change once you have completed your journey to another therapist with another specialty.
A clinically trained competent therapist can help you focus on the present and pick on your past themes without you overtly telling them. Don’t be afraid to communicate to the new therapist if you don’t want to discuss or focus on the past.  Don’t be afraid of taking a step back to reflect on the past to allow for a new perspective to be gained, or to stop yourself from repeating the same patterns. Just remember, this is YOUR therapy so don’t be afraid to give your input. Remember, fear of change is normal and it will show up when you are growing and moving towards rebirth… Here are some helpful tips:  (1)  journal or write down your thoughts to bring to therapy (2) start with small chunks (3) remind yourself that a therapist is NOT there to order you around (4) go into your sessions prepared and communicate what brings you to therapy, what your goals in therapy are, and what you want to get out of each session (5) maintain realistic expectations – therapy is not a contest (6) keep it honest, most of all with yourself, but with the therapist too because there are no wrong answers or responses



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