I watch Famously Single on E! with Dr. Darcy Sterling and I have to say I adore her! We have similar therapeutic styles as “straight shooters” and both believe in speaking our truth with compassion in a manner of respect that preserves a client’s dignity. That’s right, I am not going to just sit back and say “‘mmmhmmmm” and “how did that make you feel?” I mean, I will be your greatest supporter and cheerleader, but I am not always just gonna tell you what you want to hear. That is not genuine. I want my clients to learn and to be wiser! Work smarter not harder! Experience the happiness and inner peace they deserve, not to mention to grow and heal!!! And…I also am a member of Bachelor Nation (don’t judge) and as the most recent Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, says, “I keep it 100! 100% real!” as do I!

Here is a great clip to both clients and fellow therapists on choosing love interests/partners who are “projects” or fixer uppers. Let’s  be real here for a second, how many times have you seen in person or dated a person and thought, “hmmm if only he/she would change____(fill in the blank).”

So if this could be you, check out the clip below. Dr. Darcy echoes my beliefs on it!

Oh! and just so you guys and gals know, I will soon be launching my own you tube channel to give free tips and brief lectures on helpful strategies and tools! That’s right, you don’t need years of therapy….just some new and effective tools and strategies to better yourself and make you wiser!!  Check out the clip below! She rocks! #fangirl #therapy4life #partnersasprojects #757 #keeping it 100 #keepitreal #Bachelornation #IpromiseIwatchmorethanrealityTVshows

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