Haven (noun):  a refuge, a safe place, an oasis, a sanctuary; a shelter during a storm
A local Virginia Beach practice, Haven Counseling believes in helping people grow to be the person they aspire to be, heal from their past, increase awareness, raising empowerment, and to enhance their lives, careers, education, and relationships in a non-judgmental and safe environment to facilitate growth and positive change.

Amanda opened Haven Counseling in 2017. Her engaging personality, non-judgmental nature, and calm demeanor creates a safe environment where trust is built through genuine honesty and authenticity. Amanda is a supporter and a natural encourager; not one to pass judgment, nor one to please. Amanda’s strive for excellence and her passion in counseling and helping her clients: walking alongside of them and empowering them to make healthy decisions for themselves based on education and sound counsel.

Haven Counseling promotes the health and quality of life for our community and its members. Haven’s high quality services will:
  • Protect the dignity and privacy of the client.
  • Be evidence-based and clinically sound.
  • Be non-judgmental.
  • Be compassionate.
  • Be results oriented with positive and successful outcomes identified by the client.

Trusted and down to earth Licensed Professional Counselor, Amanda Plumb, understands that sometimes we find ourselves on “auto-pilot”, in a comfort zone, feeling stressed, and maybe compromising those things most valuable to us. At Haven Counseling, Amanda uses a holistic approach to partner with clients to help them proactively strengthen their relationships and well-being. She specializes in individual counseling with adults 18 years and older. Amanda is a 5 star recipient on Healthgrades where patients rate their satisfaction.  Whether you need someone to talk to, someone to lend professional advice, someone to listen and not judge, someone to believe you, or someone to support and encourage you, contact Amanda for more information.

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